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California Shakespeare Theater's Macbeth Begins Performances

Manifest's Rey Lucas, Liz Sklar, and more star in Victor Malana Maog's new production.

Rey Lucas and Liz Sklar play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in California Shakespeare Theater's new production of Macbeth.
(© Kevin Berne)

Performances begin tonight of California Shakespeare Theater's new production of Macbeth, directed by Victor Malana Maog. The production runs through October 13 at the Bruns Amphitheater.

Rey Lucas (NBC's Manifest) plays Macbeth, and Liz Sklar plays Lady Macbeth. The rest of the cast includes Jomar Tagatac (Banquo), Joseph Patrick O'Malley (Malcolm), Rotimi Agbabiaka (Angus), Catherine Luedtke (Ross), Lyndsy Kail (Donalbain, Lady Macduff), Dane Troy (Macduff), and Anna Ishida (Lennox, Fleance).

The creative team includes Adam Rigg (scenic designer), Melissa Torchia (costume designer), Russell H. Champa (lighting designer), Elizabeth Rhodes (sound designer), Dave Maier (fight director), and Talli Jackson (movement choreographer).