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Annette O'Toole and More Set for 2016 East to Edinburgh Festival

The festival presents shows at 59E59 Theaters as they get ready to head to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Michael Laurence and Annette O'Toole in Laurence's drama Hamlet in Bed.
Michael Laurence and Annette O'Toole in Laurence's drama Hamlet in Bed.
(© Tristan Fuge)

59E59 Theaters has announced the productions that will be seen as part of the 2016 East to Edinburgh festival, running July 12-31. The shows will take place in the venue's Theater B and Theater C.

The Theater B lineup includes The End of Politics (July 14-16) and Hamlet in Bed, starring Annette O'Toole and Michael Laurence (July 15-17).

In Theater C, presentations include Van Gogh Find Yourself (July 12-15); (Cut the Bullsh*t) Len Bakerloo Speaks Truth to Power (July 12, 13, 19); Lucie Pohl: Apohlcalypse Now! (July 14-17); Marilyn & Sinatra (July 16-17); Screw Your Courage! (or the Bloody Crown!) (July 16, 20, 24); The Eulogy (July 17, 23-24); Dark Heart (July 21-21; 28-30); The Man Who Built His House to Heaven (July 21-23); Harmon Leon's Big Fat Racist Show (July 28-30); Jeff Seal: The Goddamn Truth (July 24, 26, 27); and I Will Speak for Myself (July 30, 31).

Created as a way to help shows get on their feet before flying off to Scotland for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, East to Edinburgh simulates the same production constraints that all shows experience during the Fringe, while giving companies a clean, comfortable, and nurturing space to fine-tune their productions.

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