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Watch Exclusive Clip From Love Actually? The Unauthorized Musical Parody

The Bob and Tobly McSmith spoof is currently running at the Jerry Orbach Theater.

Love Actually? The Unauthorized Musical Parody has released an exclusive clip from the show, which is running through January 14, 2020, at the Jerry Orbach Theater. Check out the clip below.

The show is described as "a hilarious brand-new musical that follows nine unique couples who attempt to tackle the idea of love during the holiday season, and even 16 years after the movie premiere, we still ask ourselves these questions every Christmas… Will Karen recover from Harry's clich√© affair with his secretary? Who's this guy Mark, and why is he hitting on his best friend's wife? How do I sign up to be a "stand-in" for an adult film to find love? Do you really need to speak the same language before proposing marriage? (The answer is yes.)"

Love Actually? is the latest from Bob and Tobly McSmith, the creators of The Office! A Musical Parody, Friends! The Musical Parody, and other such shows. Directed by Tim Drucker, the cast includes Kayla Catan, Daniel Hayward, James Parks, Eric Peters, Joyah Spangler, and Tony Tillman, with Meg Halcovage and Thanos Skouteris as swings.

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