Quarantine Q&A: Katrina Lenk and Cast Tell Us What to Do When You Can't Have Company

Find out who’s bingeing ”BoJack” and why Jennifer Simard is ordering “vats and vats of wine.”

Broadway stars are just like us. They're even quarantined in their homes the same way we are. So we decided to poll some of our favorite actors to see how they're spending their time. Here's what we learned from the stars of Company.

Greg Hildreth, Rashidra Scott, Nikki Renée Daniels, Christopher Fitzgerald, Katrina Lenk, Etai Benson, Matt Doyle, Christopher Sieber, and Jennifer Simard in Company on Broadway.
Greg Hildreth, Rashidra Scott, Nikki Renée Daniels, Christopher Fitzgerald, Katrina Lenk, Etai Benson, Matt Doyle, Christopher Sieber, and Jennifer Simard in Company on Broadway.
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Favorite quarantine snack:

Katrina Lenk (Bobbie): SALT.

Christopher Sieber (Harry): Almonds and dried apricots!

Jennifer Simard (Sarah): Red wine.

Nikki Renée Daniels (Jenny): Homemade chocolate chip cookies…or cake…or muffins…apparently I'm Ina Garten now!

Matt Doyle (Jamie): Those little Chobani yogurt cups with the fun toppings. Dear lord, I think we've consumed hundreds.

Kyle Dean Massey (Theo): Chocolate chip cookie dough.

Rashidra Scott (Susan): All of them, but so far I've finished a 5 lb. tub of chocolate chip cookies (the oven-baked kind) and a BJ's-sized bag of Cadbury mini eggs.

Anisha Nagarajan (New Yorker): Nachos; honey crisp apples with peanut butter.

Terence Archie (Larry): Ice cream…and cake…cake with ice cream. Also not much tops making fresh ice cream.

Bobby Conte Thornton (P.J.): Leftover pasta galore.

Etai Benson (Paul): Talenti salted caramel ice cream. (They're gonna have to refit my costume.)

Claybourne Elder (Andy): I've been baking all my feelings, so bread. Followed by a long run.

Kathryn Allison (New Yorker): Häagen-Dazs chocolate chocolate chip ice cream.

Tally Sessions (Understudy): Everything, but oddly cheese and crackers, because I'm suddenly posh.

Favorite media binge:

Katrina: Books, books, lots of books, lots and lots of books.

Christopher: Anything other than the news. I've been watching Nailed It!…hilarious, also Bob's Burgers!

Jennifer: Dispatches From Elsewhere

Nikki: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The Crown. I had to draw the line at Tiger King!

Matt: I'm deep into Animal Crossing right now on my Nintendo Switch. It may resemble Armageddon outside but my little animal island is lit. Oh, and Ozark. We never watched Ozark.

Kyle: Cheer on Netflix.

Rashidra: Hubby and I are working our way through The Wire and I finally jumped on the Tiger King bandwagon. Podcasts, The Daily. And I'm in the middle of reading my third book (Educated by Tara Westover, What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons, and currently reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. No, I haven't seen the TV series.)

Anisha: Little Fires Everywhere, Tiger King.

Terence: Any nature show narrated by David Attenborough, and Andrew Cuomo's press conferences. Also, Monopoly and Apartment Olympics! (Sock-in-hamper basketball, juggling clementines, sliding across the floor in wool socks).

Bobby: The Daily (podcast), Ozark (TV), Station Eleven (book), The Nance on PBS Great Performances (movie).

Etai: Tiger King (though growing up in Florida, it wasn't as big of a shocker to me), Unorthodox, the complete works of Stanley Kubrick, and anything on the Criterion Channel.

Claybourne: The podcast Shakespeare Unlimited! It's so good.

Kathryn: Watchmen, Feels Good, Insecure, The Princess Bride, Tuca and Birdie, BoJack Horseman.

Tally: Sex Education on Netflix! Maybe the best show I've ever seen.

Weirdest bulk purchase:

Katrina: Haven't bought anything in bulk.

Christopher: Frozen pizzas! So many frozen pizzas!

Jennifer: Vats and vats of wine.

Nikki: Aloe vera gel, in the hopes of one day procuring rubbing alcohol, in the hopes of making my own hand sanitizer.

Matt: Adjustable dumbbells. There''s a gym IN our building…but that's closed. So here we are, destroying our cheap bamboo floor and saying goodbye to our security deposit.

Kyle: Low voltage landscaping light bulbs.

Rashidra: Nothing weird really. I'm the practical one in our house so I had to stop my husband from buying a whole turkey just to have it, cause he "just love[s] turkey!"

Anisha: Cavatappi pasta.

Terence: A cake buffet. Different kinds of cake laid out like a buffet. Can you tell I like cake?

Bobby: Booze. Maybe not that weird. But from white claws to red wine to bourbon — booze.

Etai: So. Much. Cheese.

Claybourne: Raisins. I don't even really like raisins.

Kathryn: Hand masks!

Tally: I keep trying to buy cleaning products in bulk but they are ALL GONE.

Katrina Lenk as Bobbie with a cake, which happens to be one of Terence Archie's main quarantine snacks.
Katrina Lenk as Bobbie with a cake, which happens to be one of Terence Archie's main quarantine snacks.
(© Brinkhoff-Moegenburg)

Most essential wardrobe item:

Katrina: Pants. Comfortable pants. OK, who am I kidding they are sweatpants.

Christopher: I force myself to get out of sweatpants around 9:30am…then, it's jeans and the same sweatshirt over and over…always clean socks though!

Jennifer: Plaid flannel pants.

Nikki: Anything athleisure. I haven't worn buttoned pants in a month. *see favorite quarantine snack*

Matt: My partner's shoes by the front door for dog walks because finding my own takes too much effort.

Kyle: $8 Walmart sandals

Rashidra: My Forever Lazy!!!

Anisha: The Backstage Blonde's black cropped Sondheim Sweatshirt!

Terence: A pair of glasses that's missing one lens. A close second is a crisp white dress shirt that fools me into thinking I'm en route to some kind of productivity.

Bobby: Sweatpants and hair ties.

Claybourne: Running shoes. That and jumping around my living room are the only way I can work out.

Kathryn: Onesie!

Tally: Shorts and a great attitude.

Complete the sentence based on how you're currently feeling: "Alexa, play ___"

Katrina: Cuomo.

Christopher: Broadway show tunes!

Jennifer: "Jazz funeral."

Nikki: "Take Me to the World."

Matt: The 2008 election results. Just for old times sake.

Kyle: Poolside Lounge.

Rashidra: Brandy's "Sittin Up in My Room" cause it's how I feel about being away from work.

Anisha: John Lennon's "Isolation."

Terence: Classical music….actually play African drums….now play Bill Withers. Thanks, Alexa. I want to hear silence now. Alexa, off.

Bobby: "Make Something Beautiful" by Ben Rector

Etai: "It's The End of the World As We Know It" by R.E.M.

Claybourne: "…a game with me and let me win so I feel good."

Kathryn: Emily King

Tally: "us back into health, safety and happiness!"