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New Version of The Glass Menagerie Comes to the Den Theatre

Hans Fleischmann’s latest revamping of the play begins tonight.

Performances of The Glass Menagerie begin tonight at The Den Theatre.
Performances of The Glass Menagerie begin tonight at the Den Theatre.
(courtesy of the production)

The Hypocrites presentation of The Glass Menagerie starts this evening at The Den Theatre. Hans Fleischmann directs.

Following his previous success with a re-imagination of the show, Fleischmann pushes his own conception further in this iteration. The production revolves around a man who is haunted by the regrets of his past. Mirroring his life on the streets, he takes audiences through the gritty back alleys of his mind as truth and delusion blend together in his memories.

Based on Tennessee Williams’ iconic play, The Glass Menagerie features Fleischmann as Tom, Joanne Dubach as Laura, Donna McGough as Amanda, and Zach Wegner as The Gentleman Caller.

The creative team includes Grant Sabin (set design), Mieka Van Der Ploeg (costume design), Matt Gawryk (lighting design), Aaron James Stephenson (sound design), Daniel Knox (original score), and Casey Peek (stage manager).

Performances will run through March 6.

For tickets and more information, click here.

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