Flashback Friday: Reneé Rapp Played a Different Mean Girl at the Jimmy Awards

Rapp, a 2018 Jimmy Award winner, is Broadway’s newest Regina George.

Earlier this week, Reneé Rapp joined the cast of Mean Girls full-time as Regina George, the back-biting queen bee of North Shore High School. The 19-year-old powerhouse vocalist makes an auspicious Broadway debut in the Tina Fey musical, but the award-winning performance she gave on a different Broadway stage just over a year ago clued us in on her villainous potential.

In June 2018, Rapp performed at the Minskoff Theatre as a Jimmy Award nominee from Charlotte, North Carolina. After earning one of the finalist spots, she delivered a roof-shaking performance of "All Falls Down," Hedda Hopper's maniacal solo from the musical Chaplin. Regina George is essentially Hedda Hopper in training, so in hindsight, it all makes perfect sense.

See for yourself exactly how Rapp got Broadway's attention, and then go see her in Mean Girls at the August Wilson Theatre.