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Flashback Friday: Christine Ebersole and Patti LuPone's Greatest Tony Performances

The ”War Paint” costars gave the Tony Awards two of its most memorable moments.

War Paint opened last night at the Nederlander Theatre, officially welcoming two of Broadway's greatest dames back to the stage. Two-time Tony winners Christine Ebersole and Patti LuPone share the spotlight as cosmetics giants Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein, whose famous rivalry inspired Lindy Woodhead's book War Paint and the PBS documentary The Powder & the Glory.

Ebersole and LuPone may not share their characters' contentious relationship, but their career achievements seem to run similarly parallel. This season marks the 10th anniversary of Ebersole's legendary performance as Edie Beale in Grey Gardens (written by the War Paint scribes) — a role that earned the actress her second Tony Award — while LuPone earned her second Tony just one year later with an equally iconic performance as Rose in 2008 revival of Gypsy.

To refrain from the impossible task of picking favorites, this Friday, we're flashing back to both of those definitive performances — and hoping that this year, we'll get a twofer performance at the Tony Awards.

For tickets and more information about War Paint, click here.

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