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Waiting for Godot Friends Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Know Rubbish When They See It

The charming British duo moves on from the Empire State Building to that other ubiquitous bit New York scenery: the pile of trash. logo

The newly wedded Patrick Stewart and his best bro, Ian McKellen, can't stop, won't stop taking the U.S. by storm. After several months of cruisin' the West Coast, these ultimate tourists are making the rounds of the Big Apple. They started rather traditionally, donning bowler hats (in a nod to their upcoming Broadway production of Waiting for Godot at the Cort Theatre) atop the Empire State Building and posing with a cross-eyed Elmo. But these two are no NYC noobs. They know the real symbol of the city is bag upon bag of stinky (oddly comfortable) garbage — or, as giggling, knighted gentleman call it, rubbish.

Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, and a pile of rubbish.
(Photo via @SirPatStew)