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Tom Hanks' Awesomeness Blows Up the Internet (Again) as His Broadway Ticket Sales Soar

Tom Hanks is one Lucky (and also very cool) Guy.

Tom Hanks is cool, so cool that when he does something awesome like pose with an apparently drunk idiot in a bar we all enjoy it once right after it happens. And then again, about seven months later.

For reasons that aren't clear (but that might have to do with a recent post on super-cool Facebook aggregator page LoL Funny), a series of pictures, including the one below, of actor Tom Hanks goofing off with drunk fans at a bar have started popping back up all over the internet. They originally made the rounds after being posted on Reddit earlier this year.

When those photos first went viral, they prompted other fans to share stories of their run-ins with Tom Hanks' awesomeness.

"I worked for his PR reps back in the day and he and Rita were all about bringing cookies to the office, being super friendly to even us plebs in the cubicles, and giving cars to their publicist at Christmas - no joke," wrote Occula on

Anyway, the photos are hilarious, and they make Tom Hanks seem like pretty much the most awesome guy ever, which is good, because he probably is. Incidentally, his upcoming Broadway show, Nora Ephron's Lucky Guy is killing it in ticket sales, so at least his awesomeness is being recognized.

We don't get it, but we like it.


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