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New Interactive Comedy That Bachelorette Show! Announces New York Premiere

The production spoofs the reality dating shows of America.

Artwork for That Bachelorette Show!

That Bachelorette Show, a new interactive comedy from Ken Davenport, will play 42West every Saturday evening beginning March 21. The show is billed as a "parody of America's favorite reality romance shows."

After eight years and no ring, Adriana Orlando just broke up with her high school sweetheart, Giovanni Giovanni. Desperate for a new start, she's putting her love life in the hands of That Bachelorette Show!, where she'll meet some of the most eligible bachelors in the world, including a Heart Surgeon, a Saudi Arabian Prince, a British Rock Star, a Surfer, a Wall Street Guy, an Air Force Pilot, and a fat guy. With all these choices, how will she pick which man she'll marry? She won't. The audience will.

Audiences will mix, mingle, and dance it up to their favorite radio hits, spun by star Guest DJs, as the Bachelors vie for votes. Watch them compete in dance contests, ab-offs, and more. Over the course of the show, they'll slowly be eliminated until only one remains, who will walk off into the sunset with Adriana. The rest are up for grabs.

The production stars Joanne Nosuchinsky as Adriana Orlando, Andy Peeke as Malcolm Love (The Host), Russell Daniels as Brian Burtleman (The Fat Guy), Pedro de Leon as Dr. Lencho (The Heart Surgeon), James Royce Edwards as Nicky Fangs (The British Rock Star) Alex Fast as Tripp Swift (The Wall Street Guy), Douglas Goodhart as T.J. (The Prince), B.J. Gruber as Zeke Double Moon Turtle (The Surfer), Bennett Leak as Tristan di Stefano (The Gay Best Friend), Kelsey J. Nash as Lt. Col. Tyler Peck (The Air Force Pilot), Gavyn Pickens as Mack Jenkins (The Lady Suitor), Lukas Poost as Judder Jones (The Farmer), Meagan Robar as Ricki Ronzoni (The Best Friend), and Gianmarco Soresi as Giovanni Giovanni (The Ex-Boyfriend).

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