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Survey Finds That NYC Artists Suffered Great Economic Losses in the Wake of 9/11 logo

A recent survey conducted by DowntownNYC! found that arts and entertainment industry professionals in the city are still feeling a tremendous economic impact from the events of 9/11, more than a year after the terrorist attack.

According to the survey, 82% of the artists surveyed reported a drop in income that averaged nearly 50%. Further, 69% lost contract jobs and other business opportunities in the aftermath of the tragedy, and 22% became unemployed altogether. Four out of five of the 705 respondents said that they continue to suffer substantial losses in income.

The attack has taken its toll in other ways, as well. Over half of the artists surveyed said that they have spent 40% of their savings and three out of five have seen their debts increase significantly during the past year. Many are in danger of being evicted from their homes or work spaces and more than a third reported 9/11-related health problems.

The survey was taken in August 2002 by DowntownNYC! on behalf of the New York Foundation for the Arts and in conjunction with the Consortium for Workers Education. A press conference was held downtown yesterday to explain the findings of the survey, which will become widely available on September 25. For further information, visit,, and

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