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Flashback Friday: Anna Kendrick Was Even Cuter as a Kid and Jeremy Jordan Was Once a College Student

Kendrick and Jordan have been Pitch Perfect all their "Lives upon the Wicked Stage." logo

On the heels of yesterday's Last Five Years movie casting announcement, we went digging through the Interwebs to find some clips of these Tony nominees before they were superstars.

In 1998, a teenage Anna Kendrick appeared in My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies at Carnegie Hall, and performed "Life Upon the Wicked Stage" from Show Boat. Shout out to Paul Gemignani and the chorus of Cabaret's Kit Kat Girls. We can see even in her early years, Kendrick has the comic timing and vocal chops to tackle Cathy in The Last Five Years.

Below, you can see pseudo-13 year old Anna Kendrick as an adorable actual 13 year old.

Unfortunately for all of us who'd like to fantasize about future children fathered by this Broadway hunk, Jeremy Jordan was not a child star. The earliest we could find was this performance of The Count of Monte Cristo at Ithaca College in 2007. We know Jeremy can pull off playing a writer (He's playing one on Smash) and has the notes for Jamie from his performances in Newsies, West Side Story, and Bonnie and Clyde, but this video shows a more classical side of Jeremy we hadn't seen.

Guys, he's totally legit.