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The Broadway League has released end-of-season statistics for the 2010 - 2011 season, which began May 24, 2010 and ended May 29, 2011. During this period, 42 shows opened -- 14 musicals, 25 plays, and three special engagements.

For the season, which represents a 53-week year, Broadway shows yielded $1,080,562,880 in grosses, marking a 5.9% increase over the previous season and representing the highest grossing Broadway season on record. Similarly, total attendance grew by 5.4%, reaching 12,534,595 attendees.

To account for variances in the calendar year and in an effort to maintain an end-of-May end to the season, a 53rd week is added every seven years. In order to directly compare last year's results with this year's, at the 52 week mark for 2010-2011, attendance was 12.26 million, (up 3.1% over 2009-2010) and grosses were $1.057 (up 3.6% over the previous year).


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