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Odyssey Theatre Ensemble’s Theatre in the Dark to Feature Intimate Audience-Actor Experience

The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble will present the world premiere of Theatre in the Dark, a two-evening theatrical experience, running October 20-December 16 at the Odyssey Theatre.

Theatre in the Dark takes place in a totally dark theater, with the audience intimately involved with actors playing in front of and around them, constantly changing spatial and aural perspectives utilizing voice, music, and sound.

Each of the two 90-minute evenings will be made up of twelve-to-fifteen short pieces, including original plays by Sheila Callaghan, Ernest Kearney, Lynn Manning, Anna Nicholas, and Ron Sossi as well as selections, adapted for the dark, from Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Dorothy Fortenberry, Will Hackner, Edgar Allen Poe, Danny Robins and Dan Tetsell, William Shakespeare, and Matei Viesnec. There will also be new, ensemble-devised pieces developed as part of the rehearsal process.

The cast will feature Alan Abelew, Jack Axelrod, Marcia Battise, Denise Blasor, Ron Bottitta, Sheelagh Cullen, Jean Gilpin, Beth Hogan, Kristina Lloyd, Anna Nicholas, Cary Thompson, and Terry Woodberry.

The show’s directors include Jeremy Aluma, Michael Arabian, David Bridel, Vesna Hocevar, Matthew McCray, Jamie Robledo, and Ron Sossi.

For more information and tickets to Theatre in the Dark, click here.

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