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6 Renditions of "Me and My Shadow" to Celebrate the Possibility of 6 More Weeks of Winter

In honor of Broadway's upcoming Groundhog Day musical, we present the same song again and again and…

It's Groundhog Day! And although the new Broadway musical Groundhog Day doesn't begin performances until next month, we're in the mood to celebrate not only shadows (and the lack thereof) but also the experience of doing the same thing over and over (SPOILER ALERT: This happens in the show). To that end, we've compiled a whole list of our favorite performances of "Me and My Shadow," all the way from Donny and Jimmy Osmond to Stephen Colbert and James Corden.

1. Donny and Jimmy Osmond
The cutest rendition of "Me and My Shadow" you're likely to see features a young Donny Osmond and an even younger Jimmy Osmond performing a brotherly duet. Jimmy joined his older sibling on an episode of the variety show Donny and Marie where he blended his adorable treble voice with Donny's dulcet tones.

2. Zero Mostel and Tommy Tune (and Dean Martin)
In this bit from The Dean Martin Show, Zero Mostel is joined by a youthful and "zipper"-thin Tommy Tune for an especially comedic take on the song. Not only does Martin sneak in for an amusing cameo, but there's also a bit of eye-roll-inducing prop humor.

3. Andrew Kober and Santino Fontana
This video from one of Charlie Rosen's Broadway Big Band concerts features two Broadway vets performing a charming version of the classic duet — including an equally charming bit of mid-song banter.

4. Bea Arthur and Esther Rolle
Arthur and Rolle were a beloved comedy duo who costarred on the '70s CBS sitcom Maude. In this short video, the two — both also strong singers — perform a delightful duet. The number is complete with matching royal blue costumes and interpretive choreography.

5. Alfie Boe and Michael Ball
Famed British musicians Alfie Boe and Michael Ball are old friends who last year decided to take their relationship to the next level with a joint album. At a recent concert promoting the record, the duo sang a version of "Me and My Shadow" that's equal parts goofy and swoon-worthy.

6. Stephen Colbert and James Corden
Stephen Colbert and James Corden have more in common than just both being relative newcomers to the late-night television scene. The pair are also musical-theater veterans. Watch their recent musical endeavor for comic rewrites and even some dapper dancing.

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