Grey Gardens
Christine Ebersole has her best role ever as eccentric Edie Beale in this musical based on the acclaimed documentary.
Bernarda Alba
Michael John LaChiusa's musical adaptation of Federico García Lorca's dark classic is impeccable.
The Music Teacher
Jason Forbach and Wayne Hobbs in The Music Teacher (Photo © Carol Rosegg) The men in Wallace Shawn's works, sometimes portrayed by the author himself, us
Sake with the Haiku Geisha
Angela Lin in Sake with the Haiku Geisha Photo © David Gochfeld If there were an award for "Most Japanese Cultural Signifiers in
Hedda Gabler
Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett delivers a luminous performance in the title role of Ibsen's classic drama.
John Patrick Shanley's crackling follow-up to Doubt reconfirms his importance as a playwright.
Happy Days
Robert Petrarca, Ryan Bollman, Joey McIntyre, and Rory O'Malley in Happy Days (Photo © Wesley Horton) Thanks to original series c
The Lieutenant of Inishmore
Martin McDonagh's bloody black comedy about the Irish troubles is uproariously funny.
[title of show]
This clever musical about writing a musical will delight show queens and will touch anyone who's ever worked hard to make a dream come true.
Soldier's Wife
Angela Pierce and Michael Polak in Soldier's Wife (Photo © Richard Termine) How does one define "worthy"? A theatergoer might put