'night, Mother
Edie Falco and Brenda Blethynin 'night, Mother (Photo© Joan Marcus) As she calmly and methodically cleans her father's gun, Jessie Cates matter-of-factl
Five by Tenn
David Rasche and Kathleen Chalfantin Five by Tenn(Photo © Joan Marcus) A reviewer's impulse is to say that no one's doing anyone a favor by presenting ...
Lars Eidinger and Anne Tismer in Nora(Photo © Arno Declair) It's common knowledge that drug addicts habitually increase their dosages to get their accusto
Death and the Ploughman
Ellen Lauren, Stephen Webber, and Will Bondin Death and the Ploughman(Photo © Al Zanyk) Anne Bogart, heading into the 13th year of
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea
Adam Rothenberg and Rosemarie DeWitt in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Photo © Joan Marcus) John Patrick Shanley writes the kind of
The Highest Yellow
Marc Kudisch in The Highest Yellow(Photo © Carol Pratt) As painter Vincent Van Gogh left behind the world that most of us inhabit and climbed deeper into
Sailor's Song
Katie Nehra, Danny Mastrogiorgio, and Melissa Paladino inSailor's Song(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Paula Vogel, now being celebrated by
The Female Terrorist Project
Molly Powell and Lael Logan in The Female Terrorist Project (Photo © Carol Rosegg) "Counter-terrorism experts offer this advice: Shoot the women first,"
The Foreigner
Matthew Broderick (center), Kevin Cahoon,and Frances Sternhagen in The Foreigner(Photo © Joan Marcus) Normally, I don't set much store by guilty pleasures
People Are Wrong!
John Flansburgh in People Are Wrong!(Photo © Carol Rosegg) If you were a back-in-the-day person and I were to mention a musical in