The Goodman Theatre takes on Robert BolaƱo's epic novel.
A Room of My Own
Ralph Macchio stars in a nostalgic look at Italian-American life in Greenwich Village.
Forest Whitaker and Frank Wood star in Eugene O'Neill's brief two-hander.
Road Show
Stephen Sondheim takes us on a musical journey with the infamous Mizner brothers.
Richard II
Shakespeare gives a deposed king reams of glorious poetry to express his anguish.
Victory Gardens takes aim with Sarah Gubbins' family drama.
The Mystery of Love & Sex
Secrets and betrayals are mixed with love in West Coast premiere of Bathsheba Doran's drama at the Taper.
Colman Domingo examines the delicate time when children and parents switch roles.
The Body of an American
The man behind the camera takes a bow.
Milk Like Sugar
Playwright Kirsten Greenidge explores a pregnancy pact between three impoverished teenaged girls.