A Future Perfect
Two 30-somethings navigate the shoals of growing older, to find that life is not what they had expected.
Shakespeare in the Square's Romeo and Juliet
A youthful rendition of the classic romance gets a breakneck revival at the Gym at Judson.
Clown Bar
The surreal off-Broadway hit pitches its tent in Pasadena.
Choir Boy
Personal secrets are exposed at an exclusive men's boarding school.
A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes
Kate Benson's new comedy explores a family Thanksgiving in ways you'd never expect.
Honeymoon in Vegas
Sin City lands in the Big Apple.
Brickman Brando Bubble Boom
Everyman dreams collide with "great man" mythology in this beguiling work from Spain.
Can you give spoilers in a review of a play about the multiverse, where literally all outcomes are possible?
HAM: A Musical Memoir
Sam Harris sets his life story to song in his new show at Ars Nova.
Villainous Company
Appearances are deceiving in Victor L. Cahn's tale of suburban intrigue.