The Twentieth-Century Way
Tom Jacobson's heart-racing two-man show about clandestine gay life in L.A. one hundred years ago returns to New York City.
A much-anticipated opera about Walt Whitman tending injured Union soldiers during the Civil War has its world premiere.
The Spoils
Jesse Eisenberg's third play looks at what it's like to be in your late '20s in 2015.
Ever After
The writers of "Taylor, the Latte Boy" bring a 1998 Drew Barrymore movie to the stage.
A Human Being Died That Night
A new play from South Africa takes on the complicated question of guilt and forgiveness.
Broadway vet Robert Creighton stars in his musical about film icon James Cagney.
An Act of God
Jim Parsons plays God in David Javerbaum's debut Broadway comedy.
TimeLine Theatre takes a page from the headlines with a story of Middle Eastern treasures in jeopardy.
Light Up the Sky
Theater folk hold the mirror up to nature to see reflections of themselves.
Saint Joan of the Stockyards
Irondale Ensemble offers a fresh take on an early Brecht play.