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All the World's A-Staging
By Jennifer Callahan · Feb 8, 2000 · New York City
Theater dead in New York? Not quite. If there's a place drawing a crowd--speakeasies, churches, parking lots, libraries, public parks, wrestling matches, museum gardens--count on
Virtual Actors
By Sandi Carroll · Feb 7, 2000 · New York City
Scratch the surface of any actor in New York City, and you'll find a waiter underneath. Or so the cliché goes. In reality, for many of this silicon city's actors, it's the
All About Bacall
By Patrick Pacheco · Feb 7, 2000 · New York City
Lauren Bacall In 1965, when Lauren Bacall opened in what was to be her first Broadway hit Cactus Flower, the critic Norman Nadel, writing in the New York Wo
Rosemary Harris: Actress for All Seasons
By Ward Morehouse · Feb 7, 2000 · New York City
Rosemary Harris Diminutive yet statuesque, Rosemary Harris is nestled in her cozy, L-shaped dressing room, brandishing the same knowing smile she had on the stage o
Hundreds of Sisters & One Big Brother
Hers is an uncommon--and at times unbelievable--story: Deborah Swisher came of age in a now-defunct California commune called Synanon. Or was it a cult? See H
Targetted from the Margin
By Cusi Cram · Feb 4, 2000 · New York City
Busy is not the word for playwright and performer Rinne Groff. Her play Inky just opened at Altered Stages, she is about to leave on a national tour with
By John DeVore · Feb 2, 2000 · New York City
Lord, what fools these rednecks be. The Bible-thumping, trailer park set get skewered in Housatrash, a new musical for the hillbilly in all of us. More fun
Why We Don't Bomb the Amish
By John DeVore · Feb 2, 2000 · New York City
This review first ran on February 2, 2000, for the show's previous production at St. Marks Theater. Performer/writer Casey Fraser There are many reasons t
SDCF Swings with Lynne Taylor-Corbett
By David Marcus · Feb 2, 2000 · New York City
The Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation hosts an evening of conversation with Lynne Taylor-Corbett, the director/choreographer of the hit Broadway show Swing. SDCF ...