In 1999, filmmaker and Broadway enthusiast Rick McKay produced a behind-the-scenes short film about the backstage world at the Broadway revival of ‘'The Sound of Music''. Little did he know that over a decade later, the mild-mannered 19-year-old understudy (soon-to-be leading lady) in this portion of the video would become the Tony Award-winning hilarious Shakespeare savant whom we know and love today.

Last night, Benanti went back to where it all began, this time taking on the role of Baroness Schraeder in NBC's The Sound of Music Live! If you loved to hate her as the coldhearted Baroness, you'll have an even better time loving her as she prepares for her Broadway debut.

If you want to learn more about how Benanti landed this role just out of high school (It's not a common story; stay in school.), click here.