Ma-Yi Writers Lab and Desipina & Co are to present four workshop performances of Rehana Lew Mirza's Lonely Leela, September 5-8 at HERE. Robert Ross Parker will direct.

Lonely Leela is described as a modern-day Alice in Wonderland, with puppets and projections, in which Leela's boyfriend has disappeared, so she goes into the Internet to find him.

The cast will feature Quinlan Corbett, Andrew Guilarte, Anna Kull, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Matt Park, Lipica Shah, and David Shih.

The design team will include Jake Witlen (light and video design), Jason Simms (set design), Spica Wobbe (puppet design), Ien DeNio (sound design), Jenny Fisher (costume design), and Dax Valdes (choreography).

For more information and tickets to Lonely Leela, click here.