Theatre West will present Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt's The Fantasticks, to run August 31-October 7 under the direction of Charlie Mount.

The cast of the classic musical, inspired by Edmond Rostand's Les Romanseques, includes Lukas Bailey (El Gallo), Molly Reynolds (Luisa), Joey Jennings (Matt), Roger Kent Cruz (Bellomy), Steve Nevil Hucklebee), Don Moss (Henry), Yancey Dunham (Mortimer, except Sept. 7-9), Lee Meriwether (The Mute, except Sept. 7-9), Maria Kress (Mortimer, Sept. 7- 9) and Charlie Mount (The Mute, Sept. 7-9).

The creative team features Graham Jackson (musical director), Jeff G. Rack (scenic design), and Dunham (lighting design).

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