Leah Muller
Leah Muller
The Gate Theatre has announced casting for Arthur Schnitzler's novella Dream Story, to run June 9 - July 16. Anna Ledwich has adapted Schnitzler's original and will direct the production.

Schnitzler's story, which inspired Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, examines the nature of sexual jealousy, obsession and desire after a simple, teasing sexual confession of fantasized infidelity drives a husband and wife apart and into rival worlds of erotic revenge.

The company will feature Jon Foster as Dr Adler/ Nachtigall, Leah Muller as Albertine, Luke Neal as Fridolin and Rebecca Scroggs as Marianne/Mizzi.

Helen Goddard will design the production, which will have lighting design by Matt Haskins and sound design by Adrienne Quartly.

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