Chicago Theater News and Reviews

Watch Both Julie Andrews and Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music This Weekend

The film and NBC's 2013 live telecast of the musical will be aired on different nights.

The WTFs: John Travolta Introduces Idina Menzel at the 2014 Oscars as "Adele Dazeem"

TheaterMania remembers the most infamous lip-slip of the year (and its painfully protracted fallout).

Welcome In 2015 With a Broadway Show

Here is Broadway's New Year's Week performance schedule.

Cabaret Announces Plans for a National Tour

The Tony-winning revival will launch its tour in 2016.

Holiday Theater Hot Spots Across the Country

No matter where you spend this holiday season, we've got your theatergoing needs covered.


Shakespearean saga unfolds as epic adventure.

A Christmas Carol

The Goodman takes on Dickens' spirited story of Yuletide transformation.

A Q Brothers Christmas Carol

Q Brothers send Dickens spinning with a rap adaptation.

The Testament of Mary

Victory Gardens Theater gives voice to a saint long sublimated by the religious patriarchy.

Iphigenia in Aulis

Court Theatre spins a saga of war, family, and gruesome sacrifice.