About This Show

Moky’s Life 101 is a solo performance that examines the hypocrisy and philistine nature of modern day society. Through candid conversation and dance, this one-man show challenges the audience to confront their fears, and ultimately, use their own minds. Written and performed by Moky Huynh (mock-y hwin), this conversation/dance piece was inspired from his experiences with higher education, the diversity of urban Los Angeles, and the everyday person’s struggle to feel worthwhile in this apathetic world.

Abrasive, caustic, and polemical, the show’s honest and visceral content is intended for a mature, socially conscious audience. Individuals with a genuine desire to improve society will benefit most from this relevant and thought-provoking show.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: January 14, 2005 Final Performance: January 29, 2005
Location: Phoenix Theatre, California

414 Mason St,

San Francisco,


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