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A Merry FORKING! Christmas is a fully scripted choose-your-own-adventure play, meaning the audience votes on how the plot will proceed. Christmas Eve is the most magical night of the year, unless of course you happen to be working at the mall. A Merry FORKING! Christmas chronicles the final hours of the Christmas shopping frenzy through the eyes of a pot-dealing Santa and his cookie-stand partner in crime, a mall security guard on his last legs, a bride-to-be deserted by her would-be fiancé, and a bored mortician who's got nothing to do while those near death hang on until Christmas Day before they get back to the business of dying. The fates of these five characters and whether Christmas can be saved for each is left up to the audience who will vote at crucial forks in the plot to determine the final outcome. This December, saving Christmas is up to you.

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