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In medieval England, a vain, wealthy young woman named Margery goes mad after the birth of her first child and is tormented by devils for half a year, eight weeks, and four days. Then one night, she is restored to sanity by a vision of Jesus Christ in purple robes. In gratitude, she devotes her life to God, becomes the acolyte of a local friar, and sets about trying to become a saint. Battling her intense appetites for earthly pleasures and her complete unsuitability for religious vocation, she becomes increasingly fanatical, alienating her friends and family and endangering her own life. A co-production of Page 73 Productions and New Georges, Heidi Schreck's Creature is directed by Leigh Silverman, and features Marylouise Burke, Darren Goldstein, Sofia Jean Gomez, Trisha Rodley, Will Rogers, and Jeremy Shamos.

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