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A hilarious journey through motherhood with internet sensations TIFFANY JENKINS, MEREDITH MASONY, and DENA BLIZZARD

Starring Mom Bloggers, Tiffany Jenkins, Meredith Masony and Dena Blizzard.
After helping millions of fans get through the pandemic, this comic trio shares their take on mothering through the sleepless nights of the toddler years, middle school craziness and trying not to physically attack a high schooler.
This special live event features stand-up, stories and videos from their online community and audience interaction to create an up close and personal experience that’s funnier than a pap smear.
Tiffany Jenkins of "Juggling the Jenkins"
Age: 36
City of residence: Sarasota, Florida|
Kids ages: 5, 6 and 10
Her hook: She was once addicted to opioids, but after overcoming that while raising three children, she began to blog, then wrote a book, then started doing videos online, many of which went viral. She also created her own solo stage show. “I would look at the Internet and everything looked perfect,” she said. “It made me feel like I was failing as a mom when you looked at the hurricane inside my house. I decided to get honest about motherhood and got this huge amount of support. Then I branched out and talked about addiction and mental health and depression and anxiety. The more honest I was, the more people gravitated toward me. It allowed me to be me without the use of drugs and I was helping people in the process.”
Meredith Masony of "That's Inappropriate"
Age: 40
Residence: St. Augustine, Florida
Kids: ages 10, 12 and 15
Her hook: Seven years ago, she needed an outlet for her frustrations about motherhood so “I began airing my dirty laundry on the Internet via livestream on Facebook and creating sketch comedy videos. But I’ve always wanted to do some sort of show about motherhood for moms. This is kind of a dream come true.”
Dena Blizzard of "One Funny Mother"
Age: 48
Residence: Moorestown, New Jersey
Kids: Ages 17, 19 and 21
Her hook: She was a stand-up comic for many years, then raised three kids. She has done an Off-Broadway show, “One Funny Mother,” and has generated two big viral videos, “Back to School Rant” and “Chardonnay Go.” The latter became a board game for “wine lovers, moms and other shameless people.” She also hosts a Facebook Live show “One Funny Morning.”
Official Site: MyNameIsNotMom.com

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Dates: One Night Only: September 29, 2022
Location: Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, New York

71 East Main Street,



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