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Seth Lutnick is an unusual mix. On the one hand, he is an Orthodox rabbi. On the other, he does musical theater. Hence, his stage persona is The Broadway Rabbi. Lutnick will be visiting from Israel, where he directs Israel Musicals, an English language musical theater company, for a performance of his new show, Frankly Sinatra. Frank Sinatra was a bullied, somewhat awkward kid from Hoboken, NJ, an unlikely star. And yet, he became the biggest there was! He had The World on a String, and he found his way into the hearts of, well, everybody. How did he get there? What were his wrong turns, and his right ones? And what about Sinatra, Israel and the Jews? Accompanied by pianist Dan Feyer, this is not an impersonation of Frank Sinatra, but a journey through his life and songs, with Rabbinical commentary.

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