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Salaryman explores the life of the Japanese businessman. This drama includes examples of the daily grind – the early morning commute, the challenges of the work day, the pressure to find release from stress and the toll this takes on both his family and ultimately, on the Salaryman himself. The stamina and dedication required of the Salaryman are essential for a successful economy, but along with these expectations come long monotonous work days. The salaryman is left feeling unrewarded, disrespected and emotionally and spiritually exhausted. Struggling to keep up, the Salaryman must push on – but all his efforts will probably leave him in the very same place. Not really successful or ahead of The Game. Never quite fulfilled. We also take a look back at what his life was like in his youth, when he had dreams and hope, before he committed himself to being a cog in the business machine.

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Dates: Opening Night: February 8, 2012 Final Performance: February 11, 2012