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Roland Tec's latest play tackles the true story of the tragic death of a rising star and the family she left behind. Four people reconstruct a fractured truth unfolding in reverse. The Wreck Behind Us relives a grief spanning three decades, shaped by the untimely death of a wife, mother, and actress, Evelyn Beckett. On the morning of June 3, 1969, Evelyn Beckett woke to a world of possibilities. She was the star of a top-rated daytime drama, she was fielding offers from Hollywood and she was the proud mother of three "clever little rascals," as she liked to call them. She was, in her words, "on top of the world." By the end of that day, she would be dead. And no one left behind would ever quite be the same, especially her husband who would carry a heavy burden of guilt for her death for decades to come. Presented by Chris Arruda, Brad Carpenter, Darren Chilton and Pinkplot Productions. EXTENDING MONDAY NIGHTS STARTING APRIL 19th: 4/19, 4/26 and 5/3 at 9pm 5/10 and 5/17 at 7pm

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