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Two one acts, one about Freud, the other about Einstein, as part of the Festival of Jewish Theater and Ideas.The Most Radiant BeautyGod said "Let there be light."  Einstein showed us what it could do.  In this multimedia collage, puppeteers Tanya Khordoc and Barry Weil us found text to explore Einstein, Genesis, the Atomic Bomb and the life-altering power of knowledge.Scenes from a MisunderstandingThe simmering differences between two professors come to a head: has one of them delayed replying to a letteron the subject of religion, or did the original letter-writer delay posting it?  What would such delays signify?  From humble beginnings, titanic quarrels are born - especially when the aggravated parties are Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.  Written by Carey Harrison, noted author of the BBC series about Freud. 

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