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Christalyn Wright creates and performs The Ho Show, an ode to the sex worker, lap dancer, and strip tease artist at the close of the Gulliani era in NYC. When the imposition of morality and ethical fascism of corporate America overwhelms the landscape of Times Square in the '90s, the sex worker is forced to examine new ways to redefine, politicize and use her body as a commodity. In her last efforts to maintain her career, the "Ho" discovers the acceptable freedom and popularity of sex as it is often represented in pop culture in t.v., movies & music videos. As part of the process of communication that will challenge the mind of the viewer as well as the performer, an environment is established where physical, verbal and non-verbal vocabulary is created (This performance has strong language & some nudity). The production is directed by Carl Hancock Rux with additional writing by Tish Benson and Carl Hancock Rux. Featuring original music by Brooklyn DJ Mistahish and video design by Constant Bernard. There is no Thursday performance on June 28. Tickets are $12 in advance, and $8 for students/seniors.

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