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The Creepola County Fair is being haunted by the Go-Go Ghost, the specter of a scorned 1960s singing superstar. Can four meddling kids and their talking dog solve the mystery? Spooky Dog & The Teenage Gang Mysteries is a parodic tribute to teenage gang mystery cartoons, written by Eric Pilner and Amy Rhodes. The characters may sound vaguely familiar to you: Ted, the butch blond frat boy with the suspiciously all-too-fabulous ascot; Tiffany, the glamorous red-headed vixen; Thelma, the bespectacled braniac with a lifetime supply of pent-up sexual energy; Scraggly, the lovable slacker with a heart of gold and a stomach of iron; and Spooky Dog, their Sherlock Holmes in a flea collar. If you've ever wondered what really might be going on in the Mystery Machine, you're gonna love Spooky Dog! There is no show on June 1.

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