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Shoot Them in the Cornfields, a drama set in 1958, is a first-person account on the most notorious, criminal prisons of the Soviet Union, Butirka, to which an aging, free-spirited Jewish woman and her husband, caught for employing the mentally retarded, under Nikita Krushchev’s oppressive, anti-intellectual reign, are banished for ten years.

The heroine, Yelena, recounts her tale to her granddaughter, Sonya, with occasional humor, to lift the smog off the deathly prison walls. Sonya, the rambunctious yet sensitive writer, gripped by asthmatic paralysis and youthful neurosis, is revolted by her grandparents’ conviction and struggles for freedom found in America, yet iron-willed at returning to Russia for the deceitful man she thinks she loves. This play is written by Sophia Murashkovsky, a published poet, playwright, professor and Grand-Prix Garnet Bracelet Winner for best original screenplay.

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Dates: One Night Only: December 12, 2005

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