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Director Melody Brooks’ approach to Romeo & Juliet centers on medieval Verona, circa 1300 — a savage and violent place, busy with the building of dynasties and establishing the veneration of aristocratic bloodlines. The sons of the wealthy are not to be denied, daughters are bartered to strengthen their family’s position. Against this backdrop, two children — one unsupervised and the other unloved — seek solace in each other’s arms from the cruel adult world. Tradition asks us to celebrate the constancy of their love, but NPT’s production asks instead that audiences weep for this pair, and for all of the children who have been and continue to be sacrificed on the alter of hate and ambition.


Manhattan, Washington Square Park: September 1 at 6pm
Brooklyn, Sunset Park: September 2 at 6pm
Manhattan, Fort Tryon Park: September 3 at 2pm
Manhattan, Fort Tryon Park: September 3 at 5pm
Brooklyn, Sunset Park: September 15 at 6pm
Manhattan, Marcus Garvey Park: September 16 at 6pm
Bronx, St. Mary’s Park: September 17 at 2pm
Bronx, St. Mary’s Park: September 17 at 5pm
Staten Island, Alice Austen House: September 18 at 2pm
Manhattan, La Plaza: September 23 at 6pm
Queens, Socrates Sculpture Park: September 24 at 5pm

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Dates: Opening Night: September 1, 2005 Final Performance: September 24, 2005

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