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Doesn't Everybody Do It In Paris?, expands upon Flaubert's classic Madame Bovary, a tale of Emma Bovary's attempts to reconcile her simple life as a country doctor's wife with her idealized notions of romance and glamour. Emma's journey to escape her life through financial extravagance and sexual indulgence results in catastrophe. Doesn't Everybody Do It In Paris? takes the story further by adding another layer in the form of Eleanor Marx Aveling, the first English translator of Madame Bovary. The daughter of Karl Marx and an idealist whose life ended in suicide, the translator's story serves as an echo of themes explored in Emma Bovary's fictional world. The fusion of these two women's lives brings to the stage the question of what happens when human ambitions and idealized notions are interrupted by reality. Doesn't Everybody Do It In Paris? uses live and recorded music and text, video, and choreography with untrained dancers, to examine, in a non-narrative style, the intersections in the stories of Bovary and Marx Aveling. The use of untrained dancers spotlights the thematic considerations of aspiration and failure within the piece and questions the traditional role of dance as an amusement for the elite.

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