Jelvis The Jewish Elvis presents A Jew-El Tide Christmas

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If you like Rock n Roll on rye
with peanut butter, and chopped liver
with a side of matzah brei
then come swing with the Kosher King
the meshuganah mencha dikah
the swinging’est balabotisha of boogie woogie
the rockin’est mench out of Memphis, Egypt
Straight out of the Promised Land for you tonight
the rockin’ King of Lox n Roll
the Prophet Prince of Rhythm ‘n Schmooze!
with a swivel of the hip
a curling lip
and a karate kick… Jelvis!

With a swing of the hip, a curling lip and a karate kick
we can bring peace to this world together
under the Gospel of the True King.
Take me to the promised land.
Geltland, land of Rock n Roll where there’s always a buffet
early bird or late, there’s always more room on your plate..

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Dates: One Night Only: December 25, 2008

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