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R&D Choreography?s Fight Shop Stage Combat Studio presents the second installment of their Action Theatre series called Action Theatre II: Pinned and Diamondback Crypt. This production features two original one-acts which center around different fighting styles and include live action commercials for local businesses and trailers for upcoming shows (all of which contain fights). Pinned, by John Meissner, takes a backstage look at the world of professional wrestling as a young actor (who dreams of performing on the ?legitimate? stage) must contend with a beer-guzzling grappler nicknamed ?The Grizzly? and an even more ferocious manager determined to hold him to his contract to wrestle. Diamondback Crypt is not just a vampire story – it?s also a Western. A great evil has come to the frontier town of Diamondback in the form of a sultry madam and her seductive saloon girls, but these soiled doves are more interested in drinking blood than entertaining cowhands. But a traveling stranger comes to town and offers to help the sheriff deal with the menace ? but the dark gunslinger may be a heap of trouble himself. This is an original piece by the Action Theatre ensemble based on a story by Fred Mowery.

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Dates: Opening Night: May 17, 2002 Final Performance: June 2, 2002
Location: Lifeline Theatre, Illinois

6912 N Glenwood Ave,



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