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This extraordinary and riveting drama explores British talk show host David Frost’s televised interviews with Richard Nixon three years after the former president left office. The only televised interview given by Nixon after leaving the White House was to Frost for “The Nixon Interviews” in 1977.

Based on four 90-minute taped segments (that David Frost largely financed himself), their head-to-head evolved into a war of wits between two equally pugnacious adversaries in Peter Morgan’s play, Frost/Nixon. Playwright Peter Morgan confirms the accuracy of the events in Frost/Nixon yet considers it a work of fiction. “That he has been unable to resist using his imagination,” David Benedict of Variety said of Morgan, “is what turns the work from acted reportage into suspense-filled theater… persuading the audience that history is happening right here, right now.”
“Relationships really interest me and in this particular case,” said playwright Morgan, “there was a very dramatic context of how these two men were going into a sort of verbal head-to-head. It felt like a boxing match, but where words were the weapons.”

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Dates: Opening Night: January 9, 2009 Final Performance: February 8, 2009
Location: Caldwell Theatre Company - Count de Hoernle Theatre, Florida

7901 N Federal Hwy,

Boca Raton,


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