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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman is an action-packed glimpse into the life of DC Comics' most forthright, eager and famous hero. As the show opens, Superman - in his guise as Clark Kent - is working for the Daily Planet and in love with Lois Lane, although she is beginning to chafe at the problems inherent in dating a superhero. An arch-villain is soon plotting Superman's downfall, in a convoluted plot which involves a troupe of acrobats (who can no longer get paid to perform since everyone started watching Superman fly for free), a supercomputer called the Brainiac 7, and a theatrical columnist who also hates the hero (both for dating Lois Lane and for constantly stealing his headlines). Will Superman fall prey to Professor Sedgewick's psychobabble and lose his confidence in his own super abilities? Will he lose Lois to a less-than-charming rival who at least never cuts dates short to go rescue someone?

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