About This Show

Circle X Theatre Company presents the world premiere of At Play in the Valley of the Shadow of Chet, an encounter with the ridiculous, hilarious, spastic, bizarre, and percussion-enhanced universe of Chet, an id-like, filterless entity, who sprawls, unmatured, between childhood and adulthood. Along with his trusted companion, Horsey, his assistant, Fatty, and his captives, the quimbies, Chet embarks on a typical day of quimby wrangling, hunting, and story time. But, before long, the ups and downs of his uncertain universe, the eruptions of his chaotic and mysterious unconscious, a struggle with narcolepsy, and an obsession with shameful memories that just won’t go away have him grappling with what passes for his very sanity.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: October 1, 2004 Final Performance: November 13, 2004