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Watch Raymond Lee, Jennifer Ikeda, and Cast of Qui Nguyen's Vietgone in Action

The New York premiere is directed by May Adrales.

Manhattan Theatre Club has produced a video montage from its New York premiere of Vietgone, a new play by Qui Nguyen (She Kills Monsters), directed by May Adrales (Luce). The currently running limited engagement will open October 25 at New York City Center – Stage I.

Vietgone features Jon Hoche, Jennifer Ikeda, Raymond Lee, Samantha Quan, and Paco Tolson. The show is described as "the classic story of boy meets girl — except this boy and girl are refugees from the Vietnam War newly settled in a relocation camp inside Middle America." Borrowing elements from the world of up-to-the-minute popular culture, the show re-creates the playwright's own parents' meeting.

For tickets and more information, click here.

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Closed: December 4, 2016