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Watch Lena Hall, Marisa Tomei, and More Learn How to Transcend a Happy Marriage

Rebecca Taichman directs Sarah Ruhl’s new play.

Video footage has been released of the Lincoln Center Theater production of Sarah Ruhl's How to Transcend a Happy Marriage, directed by Rebecca Taichman at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater. Performances began February 23 in advance of a March 20 opening.

In the play, at a dinner party in the wilds of New Jersey, two married couples (Marisa Tomei and Omar Metwally, and Robin Weigert and Brian Hutchison) discuss a younger acquaintance — a polyamorous woman who also hunts her own meat (Lena Hall). Fascinated, they invite this mysterious woman and her two live-in boyfriends to a New Year's Eve party, which alters the course of their lives.

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