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Theater Y Set for Macbeth at Chopin Theatre

French actor Georges Bigot helms the production.

Georges Bigot directs William Shakespeare's Macbeth for Theatre Y.
Georges Bigot directs William Shakespeare's Macbeth for Theatre Y.
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Theater Y's Macbeth begins performances tonight at Chopin Theatre. Georges Bigot directs.

Macbeth is William Shakespeare's infamous chronicle of a Scottish hero’s fall from grace. After receiving a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become king of Scotland, Macbeth murders the virtuous King Duncan and takes the throne for himself. Plagued by paranoia and guilt on his increasingly bloody path to glory, Macbeth must keep on killing to maintain his position.

The 18 person ensemble includes Brendan J. Mulhern, Katie Stimpson, Jerome Hicks, Kevlyn Hayes, Laurie Roberts, Melissa Lorraine, Katie Sherman, Nick Wenz, Matthew James McMullen, Eric Roberts, Daniel Shtivelberg, Jackie Richards, Michelle Annette Ziccarelli, Héctor Álvarez, Kris Tori, Cody Beyer, Adrian Garcia Jr., Tanner Bradshaw, and Arch Harmon.

"Bigot's unique theatrical aesthetic combined with his foreign ear demands a clarity of Shakespeare's intricate poetry that will make this production of Macbeth uniquely accessible," says Theatre Y artistic director Melissa Lorraine. "Bigot demands that the actors 'go through the eye of the needle,' simultaneously maintaining a naked connection with the audience, the internal state of the character, Shakespeare's time-honored language, and all the unknowns in between."

The creative staff includes Alec Long (set design), Michael Rathbun (light design), Branimira Ivanova (costume design), Devin Mawdsley (graphic design), and K.G. Price (composition).

Performances run through December 4.

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Closed: December 4, 2016