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New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players To Return with The Gondoliers

The twice-postponed production will now take place October 28-30.

A scene from NYGASP's production of Gilber and Sullivan's The Gondoliers.
A scene from NYGASP's production of Gilber and Sullivan's The Gondoliers.
(© William Reynolds)

The New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players (NYGASP) will begin its 48th season with The Gondoliers, which the company describes as "a classic send up of Republican (in the generic sense) principles." It will play one weekend at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College, October 28-30.

According to a press description, "The Gondoliers, or The King of Barataria uses two distinct casts of principal characters, firstly the Venetian gondolier couples, and secondly the impoverished and corrupt quasi Spanish (read British) nobility, connected by a humorously ominous Grand Inquisitor. You may be seeing double as these two groups, with separate story lines, collide in one boisterous and joyous show with ample opportunity for the multitalented NYGASP Company to demonstrate its many skills with song and dance to 'leave you with feelings of pleasure' as the final line of the score proclaims."

This season's cast includes many Company veterans featuring Sarah Caldwell Smith, Amy Maude Helfer, Cameron Smith, and Matthew Wages as the Venetian gondolier couples; David Macaluso, Angela Christine Smith, and Michelle Seipel as the Duke, Duchess and daughter of the Spanish Plaza-Toro family; John Charles McLaughlin as drummer boy Luiz, David Auxier as the supercilious Grand Inquisitor Don Alhambra del Bolero, and Victoria Devany as the mysterious nursemaid Inez. Other named Venetians are played by Brooke Collins, Kendrick Pifer, Laura Sudduth, Chris-Ian Sanchez, Lance Olds, Logan Pitts, and Michael Connolly, while the rest of the ensemble is rounded out by Caitlin Borek, Hannah Eakin, Katie Hall, Maurio Hines, Hannah Holmes, Sarah Hutchison, Claire Leyden, Patrick Lord-Remmert, James Mills, Ben Neumayer, Joshua Scott, and Nathan Seldin.

Founder and Artistic Director Albert Bergeret, recent recipient of a Legend of Off-Broadway award for nearly 50 years of achievement, directs and conducts the full orchestra with choreography by David Auxier.