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It Happened in Key West to Receive Developmental Lab

The new Jill Santoriello, Jason Huza, and Jeremiah James musical is based on a true story.

Wade McCollum will participated in a developmental lab for the new musical It Happened in Key West.
Wade McCollum will participate in a developmental lab for the new musical It Happened in Key West.
(© Tricia Baron)

It Happened in Key West, a new musical by Jill Santoriello (A Tale of Two Cities), Jason Huza, and Jeremiah James, announced a developmental lab at The Fulton Opera House for four performances from August 25-27.

The cast will include Wade McCollum (Wicked, Ernest Shackleton Loves Me), Elena Ramos Pascullo, Dave Droxler, Courtney Warford, Roxanne Daneman, Anna DeBlasio, Connor McGiffin, Spencer Micetich, Anson J.H. Woodin, Ryan Neal Green, Michael Fisher, and Casey Furlong. Marc Robin, the Fulton's artistic director, will direct the production, with Kevin David Thomas as musical director.

According to a press release, "It Happened in Key West concerns Carl Von Cosel, the real life hero in this romantic comedy, based on true events that rocked Key West in the 1930s. After nearly four decades of searching for the dream girl of his boyhood visions, Carl finds his beloved Elena on the tiny island, only to lose the young beauty to the fatal disease of tuberculosis. But for Carl, the eternal optimist, death is only the beginning. Haunted by Elena's spirit (and seemingly at her request), Carl takes her body from the graveyard and brings her home — where they live undetected for seven years. Carl, thus embarks on the most ambitious fixer upper project in history."

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