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Ernest Hemingway Drama Pamplona, Starring Stacy Keach, Extends

Director Robert Falls reunites with Keach for the production.

Stacy Keach in rehearsal for Jim McGrath's Pamplona, directed by Robert Falls.
Stacy Keach in rehearsal for Jim McGrath’s Pamplona, directed by Robert Falls.

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Goodman Theatre has announced that its soon-to-open world premiere of Jim McGrath's new play Pamplona will extend through June 25. Artistic director Robert Falls and stage and screen star Stacy Keach reunite for the production, which was originally set to close June 18.

In Pamplona, Keach stars as acclaimed 20th-century novelist Ernest Hemingway during the author's haunted years following his Pulitzer and Nobel Prize honors. The play is described as follows: "Basking in the glory of career-defining awards — the 1953 Pulitzer Prize and the coveted Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954 — legendary writer Ernest Hemingway insists his best work is yet to come. Five years later, holed up in a Spanish hotel with a looming deadline, he struggles to knock out a story about the rivalrous matadors of Pamplona. But his real battles lie outside the bullfighting arena; in declining health, consumed by his troubled fourth marriage and tormented by the specter of past glories, he must now conquer the deepening despair that threatens to engulf him."

Falls directed Keach in a 2006 production of King Lear as well as a 2004 production of Arthur Miller's Finishing the Picture. Pamplona returns to Keach the role of Hemingway, which earned him a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award nomination for his portrayal of the in the eponymous 1988 television mini-series.

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