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EAT’s Triple Threat to Debut on February 4

Emerging Artists Theatre’s annual Triple Threat of three plays in repertory will play at the Baruch Performing Arts Center, February 4-March 2.

This year’s selections are David Bell’s The Play About the Naked Guy, directed by Tom Wojtunik, about a troubled Off-Off-Broadway company facing an unusual offer; Kevin Brofsky’s Claymont, directed by Derek Jamison, about a high school student in 1969 trying to escape his small town; and Sarah Hollister’s Sisters Dance, directed by Paul Adams, about a pair of estranged siblings who reunite after the death of their mother.

The acting company includes Chad Austin, Dan Amboyer, Christopher Borg, Wayne Henry, Stacy Mayer, Ellen Reilly, Jason Schuchman, Christopher Sloan, Wynne Anders, Ron Bopst, Glory Gallo, Jason Hare, Rebecca Hoodwin, Aimee Howard, Stephen Sherman, Blanche Cholet, Laura Fois, Janice Mann, Nick Ruggeri, and Chuck Saculla.

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Triple Threat Premiere

Closed: March 2, 2008