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Becky Poole’s Murder, Hope Set for Annex Theatre

Becky Poole
Becky Poole

Annex Theatre is set to present Becky Poole’s solo performance Murder, Hope, with Carrie Morris at the helm, January 23-February 13.

Poole drew from family history, Neuroplasticity research, superhero mythology, and Appalachian murder ballads to create a collage of compelling characters who all have a distinct lack of balance.

Poole has been performing, writing, and producing sketch comedy and performance pieces around the country with sketch groups MEAT and Becky & Noelle. She is also a resident artist at Annex Theatre’s Spin the Bottle. Morris is a recent Fulbright award winner winner in the field of performance art, who’s works utilize crafted objects and electronic devices among other things.

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